Tuesday, 24 September 2013

2. Roles

We decided that I should be in charge of: 

  • Hair/make up/costume: This is because I am interested in this area and would ensure that all three of these areas are relevant to our genre and adhere with the narrative/visuals that we are viewing on screen.
  • Mise en Scene: I am in charge of ensuring that the mise en scene is interesting, eye catching, exciting, but most of all meaningful throughout our entire music video.
  • Performing: I am one of the two main performers in the video. This is because our song choice was originally sung by a girl band so we decided having the two girls in the group to perform would make the most sense.

We decided that Charlie should be in charge of:

  • Editing: We will all contribute to editing, but Charlie will be in charge of ensuring that all cuts are cut to the beat and that lip syncing is all in time. He will also be in charge of making sure our style of editing is relevant to our genre:
  • Camera: Charlie will mainly be in charge of the camera because he is the only one in our group that is not going to be performing within the video. This means he will have to individually set up many shots. 
  • Directing: Charlie will be the director of the video because he will have to distribute instructions to myself and Amie in order to frame shots and make them look professional.

We decided that Amie should be in charge of:

  • Lighting: Amie will be in charge of analysing where we are going to shoot and thinking about whether the lighting is going to be relevant for that specific shot and our genre.
  • Sound: Amie is also going to be in charge of sound and making sure that the music is of the correct volume for our video. She will also be in charge of making sure the timing of the music is correct for the shots/choreography. 
  • Performing: Amie is the other main performer in the video. As I said before the song is being sung by a girl band so it makes sense for me and Amie to be the main performers. Also, Amie and I can adhere our styles to the genre of the song and take inspiration from the band themselves.

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