Monday, 21 October 2013

15. Talent Release Forms

These are the Talent Release Forms that are proof that our band members are willing to perform in our music video. This means that they are part of a legal contract and will turn up to all recording sessions and work in line with our schedule. Libby, Amie and Maddie have signed these Talent Release Forms.

Saturday, 19 October 2013

12. Advert Designs

These are the advert designs that my group created for some ideas ready for our computerized design. The first advert was created by Charlie and shows the three band members standing together facing the camera. Charlie has focused on the conventions of our genre which include bright colours, matching costume and he has also included heart shapes, lip prints and the number three in the background, all of these which are recurring motifs for our band and reinforce the idea of unity and most importantly, adhere to our genre.

The second advert was created by Amie and also shows the three band members confidently facing the camera. The brightly coloured stripy background fits well with the conventions of our pop genre. It would also appeal to our main target audience and immediately catches attention of anyone that would see it. The block writing at the bottom reminds everyone that our album and the single (for the music video) are out now. Furthermore, the font that has been used adheres to the connotations that we are trying to convey.

The last advert was created by me and also shows the three members hand in hand at the camera. The fact that they are hand in hand highlights the unity of the three girls in the band. I left the background a neutral colour so the band members costumes stand out against a plain background. The fact that all three of us show the three band members in the same position is proof that we collectively feel that this would be most successful. Finally, I have also used font and colours that adhere to the stereotype of our genre and attract the same type of audience that we are hoping for. 

Friday, 18 October 2013

14. Location Permission Letters

These are emails my group has sent to Morden Hall Park, London South Bank and Brighton, the locations we're planning to use for our music video. A location permission letter is needed to gain permission from the places we're planning to film in to avoid issues with when filming our music video.

16. Track Permission Letter

These are emails my group has sent to EMI, Innocent Records and Virgin Records, the record labels who have signed Atomic Kitten. A track permission letter is needed to gain permission from the record label to avoid copyright issues with the label, so we are able to film our music video without hassle or copyright issues from any companies.

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

11. CD Cover Ideas

These are some ideas that my group drew out whilst thinking about the digipak that we need to create for the artist whose music video we are also going to create. The CD cover will have to adhere to the conventions and genre of our band which is a girl band, focusing on the pop genre that we have decided to call 'Threedom'. The main conventions that we have decided to focus on are bright and blocky colours (something that is also going to be conveyed in our video) and the weather which we have decided should always be bright and sunny which connotates a good, fun and vibrant mood, something we want our artist to be associated with.

The first idea was doen by Amie and focused on the idea of freedom, this is why she thought up the name 'Release' and used a balloon to represent that the band members are young and fun and free. She has also used bright colours which adhere to the stereotype of our genre.

The second idea was done by Charlie and he focused on the weather having an effect on the band members, this is positively represented in our song and therefore will be illustrated in our video. Charlie also used bright colours which adheres to our genre.

The third and final design was done by me and I decided to focus on bright colours/ illustrative design such as polka dots which represents stereotypical girls and draws the audience in. I have also chosen to use lipstick and nail varnish because they will be recurring motifs in our video. Furthermore, I chose the album name 'Third Time Lucky' because it reinforces the idea of unity and the girlband having a close relationship. 

We have now decided to change the name of our band from Threedom to Miss Melody, as it relates to music, has catchy alliteration and sounds innocent. 

9. Shooting Schedule

This is my group's shooting schedule. We plan on using this to help us remember what days we are shooting, where to shoot, what to use for props/costumes and what to use as equipment.

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

9. Location Shots

My group are planning on using the bridge in the music video, as that will be the location where the girls in my group's pop band will meet up, just before they begin lip-synching to the song. We plan to film shots that feature the bridge early in the morning, as that is the most likely time where the sun will be shining, making the day brighter. This is good for a conventional pop music video, as brightness and vibrancy are typically featured in conventional music videos.

 We have decided to film the first part of our music video in each of the girls bedrooms. This will adhere with the fact that the music video will represent 'the perfect day' and we will see them waking up in the morning here. The bedrooms that we are going to use are very stereotypical of teenage girls because of the colours, decoration and tidiness.

My group have decided to use London as one of our locations because the connotations of the city and all the bright colours represent energy and excitement which is the mood that we want to convey in our music video. We have chosen to film on the Southbank because the River Thames will be in the background which will be good for our mise en scene. We have also chosen this location because it is always busy and lively which is reflected in the lyrics of our song. The parts of our video that will be filmed on the Southbank will be both performance shots and cutaways. The fact that we are going to film in London in the evening is also going to be effective because London is also busy and exciting in the evening.





Tuesday, 8 October 2013

8. Lists of Props, Costume, Make-Up and Equipment


- Disco pants
- Crop tops in bright colours
- Different shades of denim jeans
- Slim fitting
- Different colour themes according to each location
- Shows skin
- Either plain bright colours or vibrant patterns


- Mascara
- Lipgloss/lipstick
- Hairbrush
- Mirror
- Candyfloss
- Map
- Digital camera
- Duvet cover

Make Up:

- Lipstick
- Mascara
- Blusher
- Foundation
- Nail Varnish 

Test Shots

These are test shots that we filmed in order to experiment with angles and colour. We filmed using our first location which is the bridge where we will be showing the sunset. We filmed myself and Libby meeting up. We increased both the contrast and saturation in order to emphasise our concept of colour and to create a happy atmosphere. 

This is our updated version of our test shots. This now features the soundtrack for our music video.

7. Animatic

This is our anamatic of our storyboards. The purpose of story boarding and creating an animatic is so that we know exactly what shot comes at which point in the song. It will also help us be certain of our locations and costumes. Additionally, it will help us allocate shot transitions to the right beat. 

This is our final Animatic storyboard. We improved this by adding more creative shot angles, and also making sure that the editing was cut to beat

Our music video will feature a higher quality version of 'Feels So Good'.