Saturday, 19 October 2013

12. Advert Designs

These are the advert designs that my group created for some ideas ready for our computerized design. The first advert was created by Charlie and shows the three band members standing together facing the camera. Charlie has focused on the conventions of our genre which include bright colours, matching costume and he has also included heart shapes, lip prints and the number three in the background, all of these which are recurring motifs for our band and reinforce the idea of unity and most importantly, adhere to our genre.

The second advert was created by Amie and also shows the three band members confidently facing the camera. The brightly coloured stripy background fits well with the conventions of our pop genre. It would also appeal to our main target audience and immediately catches attention of anyone that would see it. The block writing at the bottom reminds everyone that our album and the single (for the music video) are out now. Furthermore, the font that has been used adheres to the connotations that we are trying to convey.

The last advert was created by me and also shows the three members hand in hand at the camera. The fact that they are hand in hand highlights the unity of the three girls in the band. I left the background a neutral colour so the band members costumes stand out against a plain background. The fact that all three of us show the three band members in the same position is proof that we collectively feel that this would be most successful. Finally, I have also used font and colours that adhere to the stereotype of our genre and attract the same type of audience that we are hoping for. 

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