Tuesday, 15 October 2013

11. CD Cover Ideas

These are some ideas that my group drew out whilst thinking about the digipak that we need to create for the artist whose music video we are also going to create. The CD cover will have to adhere to the conventions and genre of our band which is a girl band, focusing on the pop genre that we have decided to call 'Threedom'. The main conventions that we have decided to focus on are bright and blocky colours (something that is also going to be conveyed in our video) and the weather which we have decided should always be bright and sunny which connotates a good, fun and vibrant mood, something we want our artist to be associated with.

The first idea was doen by Amie and focused on the idea of freedom, this is why she thought up the name 'Release' and used a balloon to represent that the band members are young and fun and free. She has also used bright colours which adhere to the stereotype of our genre.

The second idea was done by Charlie and he focused on the weather having an effect on the band members, this is positively represented in our song and therefore will be illustrated in our video. Charlie also used bright colours which adheres to our genre.

The third and final design was done by me and I decided to focus on bright colours/ illustrative design such as polka dots which represents stereotypical girls and draws the audience in. I have also chosen to use lipstick and nail varnish because they will be recurring motifs in our video. Furthermore, I chose the album name 'Third Time Lucky' because it reinforces the idea of unity and the girlband having a close relationship. 

We have now decided to change the name of our band from Threedom to Miss Melody, as it relates to music, has catchy alliteration and sounds innocent. 

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