Friday, 31 January 2014

Ancillary Task Progress

Here are some screen grabs from the improvements and progress that we have made on our Ancillary tasks over the past couple of weeks. The first screen grab is an edit that we created using PicMonkey, we had to crop out the previous background of the photograph, fill it in with baby pink and then at the hearts on top using the Bokeh effect. The second screen grab is the inside of our CD cover, we decided to use the image of my flowery shirt because it reinforces the genre and stereotypically, our target audience would be fashion conscious. The flower is also a reminder of the genre and the fact that flowers are natural and girly are representations that we want to adhere to within our album and especially our Feels So Good music video. The third screen grab was of an image that we decided not to use on our CD cover because it was too similar to our advertisement and the editing was not professional enough. The fourth screen grab is of our advertisement. To edit our advertisement, we used the brightness and contrast tool on Photoshop, we also had to think about the colour and the font that we used for our advertisement because it had to stand out, but it also had to be very contributing to the fact that we are advertising a girl band. The final screen grab is of the front cover of our CD cover. This is our strongest piece of ancillary work so far because all of the colours match and blend in with one another. We also had to think very carefully about the names of the songs on the rest of the album, our record label, and again the colours and fonts that we were using. I feel that our front album cover is particularly strong because of all these reasons. All of these screen grabs show our progress in the standard of work that we have created over the past two weeks.