Friday, 29 November 2013

Construction: Day Six

This is a zoomed in section of the editing process that we have been going through on Premiere Pro. The blue clip on the top line is the clip of my green screen and the pink clip underneath is the colour that we have inserted to replace the green in the green screen. The green clip right at the bottom is the soundtrack to our music video that runs all the way through. 

During the course of the week, we have been continuing to edit using Premiere Pro, this has taught me various skills that will be valuable throughout the A2 course such as how to sync up the music to the actions on screen, how to cut clips and how to add a block colour behind us performing in front of the green screens (which is shown above in the second photograph). We have encountered several minor problems whilst editing such as clips last such as the music not syncing correctly and not having enough footage for when we got towards the end of the video, however, we have documented this and have already decided what to improve in our second draft.

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Construction: Day Five

This is the photograph that we are going to use for our album cover. We believe that it is very conventional of a girl band (which shows a strong link to our concept) and reinforces the idea of unity and friendship because of our positioning in the photograph. The colours and costume (which are also included in our video) also prove that we are one artist and makes us stand out.

This is a photo of the view that we wanted to incorporate into the background of our music video.

The photos of us as a group that we could potentially use for our album cover, they are a perfect representation of us a group which is clearly reflected in the mise en scene of the image which highlights us being a group (in unity) and dressing in correlation which the genre which we are trying to adhere too.

On Friday, our group went to London to film because it was one of our locations that represent the perfect day. When filming we done several runs of the whole song in different locations such as the bridge that we are standing on in front of the London Eye and also a section of grass behind the Southbank. We also took some photographs as a group for our digipak and CD cover because we were in full costume and thought that it will be relevant. When filming, we encountered problems that we had to overcome such as framing, lighting and location, however, we managed to make all shots the best that they can be. Furthermore, we filmed cutaways whilst we were in London of what we saw as stereotypical actions for the girls to be carrying out, such as laughing, taking photographs, pointing at maps, posing with the street artists and jumping off of the walls. These will be inter cut between the performance shots throughout the video and will contribute to the narrative.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Construction: Day Four

Today we went to Morden Hall Park and filmed the bridge section where the three band members meet up and before they take the journey to their perfect day. We decided to use Morden Hall Park because it has a more picturesque setting. The photograph above shows me and Charlie setting up the camera and tripod in order to create both the perfect shot and to make sure our mise en scene was correct according to the genre of our music video. 

We have decided to re-shoot the clips that we took in Morden Hall Park because they establish the narrative (so they are very important) but they are not completely in focus, which is something that we need to work on to improve our camera work and mise en scene.  

Monday, 11 November 2013

Construction: Day Three

These are the photographs that I took when setting up the green screens for our second round of filming. In the first picture we see me, Amie and Maddie performing together as a group, we are wearing the appropriate costume and the composition of the shot has been framed so that we can see our facial expressions. In the second photo we see Charlie setting up one of the three lights that we used to film with the green screen and eliminate any shadows. In the third photo we see Maddie taking part in a solo test shot which we done perform each of us filmed/performed. Finally, in the fourth photo we see Amie helping to set up the green screen, something that we all took part in and allowed us to gain technical knowledge by doing. 

We also encountered some problems when rendering our work, so have decided to use Premiere Pro to edit the remainder of our video instead of Final Cut Express. This has already proven to be much more effective when editing together as a group. 

During editing, we realised that the mid shots that we took of each of the girls have a very high quality, but the close ups are out of focus and in some cases, blurry. This means that in order to have consistently smooth mise en scene, we will need to re-shoot these clips. These will mean that in our finished piece, we can have lots of performance shots that can be inter-cut with narrative and quickly cut, which is what we have been aiming for throughout this project. 

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Construction: Day Two

These are some screen grabs of things that we decided to go back to Amie's house to re-shoot because of composition, lighting and mise en scene all of which we thought would contribute to making our music video more successful. We filmed Amie waking up again, which was immediately more successful and then we reshot Amie putting on lipgloss because of the dark lighting beforehand and also tried to see what it would be like if she put on perfume too. These will all take part at the beginning of the video and contribute to the narrative which we want to be conveyed as 'the perfect day'.

Construction: Day One


These are screen grabs of the shots that we filmed on our first filming experience. They were shot in Amie's house in the bedrooms which are stereotypically pink and girly which we thought was a good representation of our genre. We did not have to lip synch when filming this section because it is going to be used in the introduction of the video where it is instrumental only.  We filmed each shot from a variety of different angles in order to get the best result possible. We also tried to use a variety of different shot types so the mise en scene is more varied. We then uploaded the footage and began to edit it using Final Cut Express.