Monday, 11 November 2013

Construction: Day Three

These are the photographs that I took when setting up the green screens for our second round of filming. In the first picture we see me, Amie and Maddie performing together as a group, we are wearing the appropriate costume and the composition of the shot has been framed so that we can see our facial expressions. In the second photo we see Charlie setting up one of the three lights that we used to film with the green screen and eliminate any shadows. In the third photo we see Maddie taking part in a solo test shot which we done perform each of us filmed/performed. Finally, in the fourth photo we see Amie helping to set up the green screen, something that we all took part in and allowed us to gain technical knowledge by doing. 

We also encountered some problems when rendering our work, so have decided to use Premiere Pro to edit the remainder of our video instead of Final Cut Express. This has already proven to be much more effective when editing together as a group. 

During editing, we realised that the mid shots that we took of each of the girls have a very high quality, but the close ups are out of focus and in some cases, blurry. This means that in order to have consistently smooth mise en scene, we will need to re-shoot these clips. These will mean that in our finished piece, we can have lots of performance shots that can be inter-cut with narrative and quickly cut, which is what we have been aiming for throughout this project. 

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