Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Construction: Day Five

This is the photograph that we are going to use for our album cover. We believe that it is very conventional of a girl band (which shows a strong link to our concept) and reinforces the idea of unity and friendship because of our positioning in the photograph. The colours and costume (which are also included in our video) also prove that we are one artist and makes us stand out.

This is a photo of the view that we wanted to incorporate into the background of our music video.

The photos of us as a group that we could potentially use for our album cover, they are a perfect representation of us a group which is clearly reflected in the mise en scene of the image which highlights us being a group (in unity) and dressing in correlation which the genre which we are trying to adhere too.

On Friday, our group went to London to film because it was one of our locations that represent the perfect day. When filming we done several runs of the whole song in different locations such as the bridge that we are standing on in front of the London Eye and also a section of grass behind the Southbank. We also took some photographs as a group for our digipak and CD cover because we were in full costume and thought that it will be relevant. When filming, we encountered problems that we had to overcome such as framing, lighting and location, however, we managed to make all shots the best that they can be. Furthermore, we filmed cutaways whilst we were in London of what we saw as stereotypical actions for the girls to be carrying out, such as laughing, taking photographs, pointing at maps, posing with the street artists and jumping off of the walls. These will be inter cut between the performance shots throughout the video and will contribute to the narrative.

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