Monday, 9 September 2013

8. Theory One- Carol Vernallis: The Kindest Cut (Function and Meaning in Music Video Editing)

Vernallis analysed editing in music video and Hollywood Film and the differences between them.

Music Videos:

  • The concepts/narrative intertwine and obscure paths. 
  • The order of the shots is unconventional. They shift more freely and there is no 'typical order'. 
  • Time, space and character are revealed completely.
  • Discontinuity: Pop video usually draws us away from the narrative by foregrounding other structures.
  • Visual hooks create continuity. Non-continuous shots are linked by a single feature, unified by shape,   setting, colour, etc.
  • Sometimes all visual hooks are equal but sometimes one is dominant. 
Shots of the artist will encourage us to piece a phantasmagorical body (a body made up in our mind of all the bits that we see). An example of this is seen in Jessie J's video 'Domino', as when the camera focuses on certain parts of her (such as her arms, legs and nails) this isn't necessarily her, we just imagine it to be.
Hollywood Film:
  • There is a clear narrative running throughout. 
  • The order of the shots is conventional. There is a typical order and at times you can predict what is going to happen.
  • Time, space and character aren't always immediately revealed. 
  • Continuity: Hollywood Film usually draws into the narrative. 
  • Sometimes all visual hooks are equal but sometimes one is dominant. 

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