Thursday, 12 September 2013

12. Genre Research 3: Conventions of Pop Music Video

There are various conventions of Pop Music Videos:

1. There is usually a link between the lyrics being sung, and the visuals that we see on screen. 

2. There is usually a link between the editing and the visuals, like when a music video is cut to the beat of the song. 

3. There is usually high key lighting and bright colours. This attracts attention and drags the audience in. 

4. The costume in the video will be whatever is currently fashionable. This attracts a younger and stereotypically 'cooler' audience. 

5. The artists in the video are usually young, this is so their audience can relate to them. 

6. Most pop music videos contain a concept/narrative based on love. 

7. There are often references to both the artist and the name of the song to remind the audience of what they are about. 

8. The artist is often shown performing at at least one point during the video. 

9. There are often close ups of the artists face in pop video, this is so the audience gets a real connection with the artist.

10. Artists sometimes feature a recurring motif in their videos which makes them recognisable. This could be an item of clothing or a physical feature. 

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