Tuesday, 24 September 2013

4. Lyrics Annotation

First Verse: Establishes the mood of the entire song. The lyrics 'It feels so good, I knew that it would suggests a happy, upbeat mood. If we were imagining a music videos the ideas of summer and bright colours would be connotated. The repetition of the line 'nothing's gonna take this day away' suggests optimism and reinforces the upbeat tempo.

Second Verse: The second verse shows the start of the message that the band are trying to convey. We can imagine that something has happened to make them very happy and now they are singing in celebration. The lyrics: 'now my feet can hardly touch the ground' links with the idea of happiness and dancing.

Third Verse: This is when we really begin to establish the concept behind the lyrics. The lines 'Cos the sun is shining, holiday timing' allow us to associate the location which the band would be in, which is somewhere bright, busy and fun.

Fourth Verse: This is the chorus that the rest of the lyrics have been building up too. In the video that we create this would be the perfect time for choreography. We can imagine the band in sychronised costume smiling straight into the camera.

Fifth Verse: Here we learn that the problem that had previously arisen is now 'out of sight and out of mind' which is why the song is so focused on being happy because it wants to show contrast to this. Furthermore, this is a slower part of the song so this point of the video could have some establishing shots or close ups.

Sixth Verse: This verse is building up to the next chorus. This would also be a good time for either an establishing shots or a close up before it goes straight back to the choreography.

Seventh Verse: The chorus repeats itself for the second time in the song.

Eight Verse: This verse is just as optimistic and upbeat as the rest of the song. At this point the energy could begin to die down and we coulod perhaps change locations for a verse. This will make the video interesting and exciting continously throughout.

Ninth Verse: The chorus repeats itself for the third time in the song.

Tenth Verse: The chorus repeats itself for the fourth time in the song. These two repetitions would be exciting if they were edited at a very fast pace and fill with performance/choreography.

Eleventh Verse: The chorus is repeated for the final time. This needs to be made clear that it is the end of the song so we could do several things such as dimming the lights, filming it at night time so it looks like the end of the day and we could also die the volume out so that we are just left with the performers on screen. 

These are the annotations we decided on together as a group:

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