Friday, 6 December 2013

Construction: Day Seven

We have been continued to edit over the course of this week. We also completed our first draft and received feedback from our peers which allowed us to understand further what we need to do to improve. We decided that we didn't have a wide enough range of shot types. For example, you can see in the bottom photograph that we have continuous long shots running through the video and we can see in the top photograph that we also have enough mid shots, so we need to work on different angles and close ups. We also decided (after looking back on various conventional pop videos similar to the one that we are trying to create) that we do not cut our clips quick enough during the entire duration of the video (see Move by Little Mix below) so in order to work on this we have been cutting clips and moving them around, whilst ensuring that they are still in sync to make the video faster paced and more exciting. This is seen in the middle photograph above. Finally, we have also decided to include more narrative in our work. This will mean shooting more cutaways which will give the audience the opportunity to understand the girls individual personalities. 


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