Friday, 13 December 2013

Construction: Day Nine

Today, our group decided to re-shoot the green screens that we are going to be using throughout the video as our performance shots. To do this we had to independently set up the green screens in our media classroom, thinking about the lighting, framing and the creases (which were an issue last time). We done all this in reply to our feedback which suggested that the shots in our first draft video were very 'static' and we should include more close ups. When actually filming, which we can see a photograph of Amie doing underneath, we had to ensure that our lip synching was in perfect timing even more than before, because of the fact that the shots are now close up. Furthermore, as we can also see below, there are various shadows behind Amie when we were filming which were due to the placement of the lights, however, after uploading our footage we discovered that these can easily eliminated on Premiere Pro when we add the block colours that we want using the Ultra Key and then playing around with the saturation of the frame.

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