Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Construction: Day Eight

We have faced a number of technical issues when editing our music video. One of these issues has been with the green screens because there are visible creases in the background that have proven very difficult to remove. Our group tried using the Sixteen Point Garbage Matte, but it didn't work out well for our background, so we decided to remove the effect and go ahead with re-shooting our green-screen shots to get rid of creases in the background.

However, our group did use ProcAmp to modify the colour of the background for all of the clips. In Libby's green-screen, the creases in the background have gone, thanks to playing with the brightness, contrast and saturation of the ProcAmp effect. This is a more vibrant, brighter colour, that catches the viewers attention even more than before. It also adheres to our genre and links back to the concept that we had before we even starting filming, which was 'bright and blocky colours'.

As we can see above, there are visible creases and shadows in Maddie's shot (with the green background), but no visible creases in my shot (with the blue background) nor Amie's shot with the orange background.

These other clips look a lot more vibrant now than before, thanks to the ProcAmp effect, by playing around with the brightness, contrast and saturation. This manages to disguise the gloomy weather on a typical November afternoon in London. We chose to increase the vibrancy of these colours in particular because they are very conventional of the pop genre. We have incorporated this all into the narrative of the video which highlights the three girls having the perfect day.

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