Tuesday, 11 February 2014

3. What have you learned from your audience feedback?


For question three of our evaluation, we had to reflect on the feedback that we have received from our audience. We chose to ask questions to five different individuals with contrasting views and opinions. We asked them questions such as: 'What was your favourite part of the music video?' and 'What do you think that we could improve on?'. We chose to question mainly males about our video because we thought it would be interesting considering that our music video is stereotypically aimed at females. We carried out these questions because we wanted to know what people thought of our music video and how it could be improved. The most generic answer that we received from our question: 'What do you think we could improve on?' was that we needed to be even more enthusiastic within our performance. This is something that we have taken into consideration. Furthermore, our most generic answer that we received from our question: 'What was your favourite part of the music video?' was the London section that we filmed on Southbank and near the London Eye. This is something that we found challenging to film during the shooting process, but our hard work paid off in the end because it was very popular amongst our audience members. Another thing that was identified by our audience was the kick that we do as the final part of our dance routine, which we wanted to reinforce our unity and friendship within Miss Melody.

We also had to ask questions such as: 'Are we conventional of girl bands?' and 'Did the colour and mise en scene work well?' in order to get some answers that were specific to our genre and concept. The feedback that we received from these questions were very positive and the audience were very enthusiastic about the bright colours and the locations that we had used. We were also seen as conventional of girl bands by everyone we asked, reinforcing that our genre has been successfully established within our media text. During the planning process of our music video, we were adamant that bright and vibrant colours were going to be our concept and the main thing that we focused on within the video. This was something that was picked up by everyone that we asked and emphasises that our concept was also successful. 

Furthermore, it is very beneficial to carry out audience feedback and we have learnt things that we wouldn't have learnt elsewhere, such as contrasting views and opinions, what we need to improve on and why this is what we need to do. 

Here are some examples of the audience feedback that we received for the first draft of our music video. The generic improvements that we got suggest that we need to make our shots less static, increase the pace of our editing and add in more cutaways in order to contribute to the narrative of the video. These were all elements that we took into consideration when it came to the final draft of our music video. We added in cutaways such as the shots with the balloons and increased the amount of the dance routine that was shown. We also dramatically increased the pace of the editing, ensuring that it was still cut to the beat, but fast paced enough that it adhered to the genre of the video. Another piece of feedback that we took into consideration was the effort that we put into our performance. This includes things such as the enthusiasm that we give as Miss Melody. We tried to remove all parts of performance that didn't look as enthusiastic as possible.  

Here is an example of where we have used vibrant colour in our video, this reinforces our genre. 

Here is an example of where we have used cutaways, this contributes to the narrative of our video. 

Here is an example of a performance shot that we have encorprated into our video. This also shows our enthusiastic performance.
We also received some positive feedback that we tried to emphasise throughout our video. This was things such as the good use of the steady shots (meaning our filming was professional and controlled) and our mise en scene which was 'very bright and colourful', giving an accurate representation of the concept and the Pop genre. Furthermore, we thought that is was important that the unity within the girl band was continuously emphasised in order to attract our target audience. This is something that we have tried to reinforce through the use of the dance routine, the lyrics of the song, our performance and the costume/props that we use. Thankfully, this was noticed and commented on in our audience feedback.

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