Saturday, 31 August 2013

7. The Fix: Just Got Paid Analysis

The fade in from black and then the white strobe lights appearing one by one on screen is very simple yet very effective. The strobe lighting idea is also connotated with pop music videos and reminds me of JLS's 'One Shot'. Furthermore, unusually for a 'low budget' music video we are automatically given connotations of wealth and money (which is relevant to the title and lyrics of the song), this is because of the setting which seems like a modern, airy, bright household with lots of expensive decor. The boys costume which consist of suits, shirts and ties also convey messages of wealth. Not only that, but the way the band are introduced when they are each individually looking at themselves in the mirror suggests to us that the boys are vain and confident, as most people with money stereotypically are.

The simple choreography in this section of the video informs us of the lead singer (who is placed at the front middle of the arrangement), it also connotates the concept and the genre of the video which is a stereotypical, young and immature boy band who are looking for their chance to make it in the music industry. Furthermore, the editing in this section of the video is very fast paced and to follow the conventions of all music videos, no shot is on screen for longer than three seconds otherwise this could become very boring for the audience. The cinematography in the video isn't very varied and we seem to be consistently seeing either close ups or long shots such as the boys faces or them dancing.

In this section of the video we are focused on the 'less important' members of the band, we get this impression because they haven't been made as dominant in the rest of the video. We get a strong feeling of domesticity in this section because of the way the boys are sitting on the stairs and acting comfortable as if they are in their home environment, this would help appeal to their target audience of young/teenage girls because they look laid back but confident at the same time. Not only that, but we notice that the boys always stare directly into the camera which would also make the audience feel more involved in their performance and it also seems more personal.

The way the video starts and ends with all five boys together reinforces the idea of them being in a band and having a close friendship. This is shown here. Also, the frequent costume and location changes that we see thoughout the video are very conventional and many pop music videos in the music industry follow them as these students have. Finally, the fade to black at the end is built up to by the volume and speed of the song decreasing, this is something that seems natural to us and works particularly well after the boys all drop to the floor at the end of the song.

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