Thursday, 11 July 2013

2. The Wanted: Glad You Came Analysis (Pop 1)

The pop music video that I am going to be analysing is ‘Glad You Came’ by The Wanted. The music video was released in July 2011 and the single was number one in the UK for 2 weeks. I have chosen to analyse this video for a variety of reasons. Firstly, the video is very conventional of the pop genre, which is generally what the band’s songs adhere to, it consists of the band in Ibiza, Spain partying and having a good time in the hot weather. The ‘feel-good’ and ‘party’ mood that we get from the music video alongside the upbeat song that goes with it is what I feel promoted the single and along with the fact that is was released in the summer, the timing couldn’t have been better in order for the single’s success.

Also, the music video has a variety of long shots, mid shots and close ups throughout that have all been put together using a montage edit. There are individual close ups of each member at the beginning of the video which allows the audience to feel like they know the band personally. After this it immediately cuts away to random shots of the Ibiza nightlife which seems to be clubs, beaches and lots of girls. The bands performance is important after this because they begin to sing, the way in which they perform is also very conventional of not only their genre, but what we expect from boy bands which includes gazing into the camera, dancing around in the party shots and yet again, just generally having a good time.


The editing is very fast paced throughout the whole music video and each cut is done to the beat of the song. This makes the video seem more natural to watch and the fast paced element makes it exciting and intriguing for the audience.

Furthermore, the location for the music video is also important. As I said before, the video was filmed in Ibiza which is not only the perfect place for a party; it is also an exotic location which is what any good music video needs in order to be exciting and mysterious. This is shown in the mise en scene of the video, but especially towards the middle during the pool party when there is lots of close ups of the band and the editing is as fast as ever so it seems as if there is something being hidden.


Another thing that I noticed whilst watching the music video is that it cuts between night and day and at both points the boys in the band are still having as much fun as they possibly can. In some ways, this is promoting Ibiza as a holiday resort because people watching may be thinking how they would like to have a holiday just like that. However, the video is most importantly promotional of the band and the message that they are trying to convey which seems to be enjoying the music and themselves.

I think the way in which the video is 'wrapped up' is very effective because it goes back to the band sitting on a cliff and singing in two staggered lines. This makes the entire video feel as if it has been a day out in the sun and gives the concept of the video a proper meaning, this is very effective for the audience. 

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